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At the outset, Leonie states that she has a handful of convictions that cannot be shaken. Included in that list she says are these truths: God is good, Jesus is Lord, the Bible is true, life is short, every day is a gift, people matter more than things, fame is fleeting, this world is not my home, and even hard times are meant for my benefit. And at the core of my faith is an unshakable belief in the sovereignty of God. He’s God and I’m not. He is sovereign over all the details of my life, and I can trust him completely even when those details seem to be spinning out of control.


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Leonie is married to Kevin, they have two married daughters and four  grandchildren. They make their home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Leonie is a sought after conference speaker and group facilitator.

I’m a public speaker

If you would like to invite Leonie to speak at one of your women’s functions, please contact her on cell: +27(0)723633420

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Having completed an online UK Mentorship Programme, called A Renewed You (16 modules which can be adapted), Leonie is personally able to help you, right where you are to where you would like to be.

Books: – On Divorce Row


Leonie’s latest book On Divorce Row has arrived! Published in July this year, On Divorce Row has the makings of a New York Times bestseller! This book is reaching thousands of homes with the message of saving marriages and families. Divorce is a very topical subject of which Leonie knows only too well. Don’t let another day go by without purchasing a copy of On Divorce Row and get an extra one for a friend! 

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We would love to hear from you. Please send your comments to us at info@leonieleobrewer.com or cell: +27(0)723633420. Thank you.

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